House Hunting Trip

For your upcoming House Hunting Trip, I have created this page with you in mind. Every year I deal with members of the Canadian Forces who have been posted in-to or out-of CFB Esquimalt.

Military relocations make up a significant part of my business. I understand the challenges and tight timelines that are often associated with house hunting trips. I am here to help make this move as stress free as possible.

To achieve a smooth transition, it is important to get started as early as possible. I have made it easy to started, just fill out the HHT Booking Form below to get started. The goal here is to get as much information as I can about your priorities and preferences so we can use your time efficiently when you do come to town.

Supporting you doesn’t stop with finding your home. I can provide local recommendations and insight for anything you might need. So don’t be shy, ask away!

If you’re not ready for your HHT yet. That’s okay. You can stay in touch with me via social media on Instagram @sophiasong.yyjrealtor.

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